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Katamari Damacy
Ages: Everyone

What kind of a name for a game is Katamari Damacy? After reading the description of the game I was even more puzzled. Puzzled and intrigued. Translation of the name "clump of souls" didn't explain much. The game is about using a sticky ball to gather up everything in the world. Something like the "pick up", a gummy ball that architects used to clean up their drawings. This game is simple and fun. No learning curve, no cheats necessary, no shooting and it uses only analog sticks to control the ball.

The background story is pretty silly too. You the prince, who's father has destroyed all the stars, must rectify this booboo by rolling up anything that gets in your path to provide mass for new stars. Two people can play this game also to see who gets bigger. Bumping off stuff from the other player helps. Throughout the game the overbearing father interjects sarcastic comments. Some will find it amusing, others will tire of it after 10 minutes. However the music will please all.

This is a unique game. I can only hope that more will come -- but it's been years since Tetris. An outstanding example of fun and simple gameplay.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/04

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