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Michelle Kwan Figure Skating
Age Everyone

Of course, any skating program gives you the ability to create your own performance program. This one provides nine categories to choose from: opening moves, connecting moves, edge jumps, toe jumps, split jumps, spins, spirals, combinations and final poses. Steps which are not possible to do will be grayed out, until you provide an appropriate connecting moves. If you can perfect your routine, you can compete to become an international figure skating champion. Music and four different rinks are provided. Different costumes are provided - mostly involving a change of color. The graphics, although 3D, are unshaded and so give a flat unnatural appearance, but the moves are real enough to compensate for it.

You can choose to create a skater in your image - it takes a little time but it is really worth the effort to see yourself skating, taking bows and looking back at yourself. To do this you need to have a digitized a photo of yourself from head to top of shoulders. Then select from one of the five body types - and none are skinny. Now that you have set your body size - place your face onto the image and then color the skin and hair to match yours. You will have to size your face wide enough to wrap around the sides of the skater image until there are no white areas left. Do it! It's a trip!

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