The Last Airbender: M. Night Shyamalan - Review

The Last Airbender: M. Night Shyamalan
Rating: E-10+ - Everyone 10+

Yes, it get a little complicated - which Last Airbender do you mean? We reviewed what we consider the "original" back in '06. The DS versions always put in a little extra; back story, tutorials that the consoles did not. True again about M. Night Shyamalan; The Last Airbender. Here the focus is more about Prince Zucor who has issues with his father. The game alternates between Prince Zucor and Aang, the Airbender. With Aang's great jumps and ability to fly and control winds matched against Prince Zucor's fireballs and bombs and ability to run up walls, the fights can be pretty well matched. Happily, the game is controlled on the touch screen and with the L and R buttons for bending moves. Game help is indicated by red X's at different points on the map. Simple and easily played.

The DS version creates the game's many locations with unusual depth and numerous NPGs to interact with, providing the player with an expansive exploration experience. The earlier versions of the game gave great play and importance to Katara the water bender and to Toph the earth bender - in this version they are back story. Nonetheless here you are treated to Aang's sojourn in the Air Temples where he can watch flying bisons like Aappa and chase mischievous lemurs like his eventual pet Momo.

For those who were captivated by the well told epic story, this version gives you a little more than just battles.

Fun Factor: I missed all the other wonderful characters I remembered
Female Factor: Less than the earlier versions
Player Friendly: Good in-game tips

Reviewed by: Editor - Aug/10

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