Legend of Kay   - Review

Legend of Kay
Rating: E - Everyone

This is not the Legend of Kay that THQ originally put out on the PS2 a couple of years ago. This version by Dream Catcher forgoes the violence with a new mantra, "The ancient teachings of The Way do not allow Kay to attack another sentient being." - spiders of course, not being sentient beings. Kaya, the ninja trained cat, will try to follow his Masters bidding - best he can.

It's a platformer with puzzles and fetch quests. You will play four different levels - the frog village, the rabbit village, panda city and the final confrontation - the gorilla city. Getting there involves lots of jumping, while the L and R buttons allow you to camera view - there's still too much jumping. By now designers should have developed a more interesting and less frustrating time-waster in a game.

There are no intermediate saves and so if you die, you go back to the level beginning, and to die for just muffed jumps seems so - retro. The touch screen is used just for advancing the text screens - a big waste of DS technology.

The remake of a game without the violence is OK by us. It makes the game much more acceptable for kids and parents. However, the game feels flat and I don't think it's because the violence was removed.

Fun Factor: Platforming - jumping and eventually double jumping.
Female Factor: None
Player Friendly: Bummer - No intermediate saves.

Reviewed by: Editor - Aug/10

  • Legend of Kay
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