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Liberty's Kids
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If you watch PBS television you already know about Liberty's Kids. If not it is about two junior reporters working on Ben Franklin's Pennsylvania Gazette at the time of the American Revolution. These two reporters interview soldiers, spies, loyalists, statesmen and townsfolk, to gather facts about major historical events like the Boston Tea Party, the Crossing of the Delaware, Valley Forge, the battles at Lexington, Concord and Saratoga and the writing of the Declaration of Independence. The game is strangely compelling in spite of the primitive graphics, because the crux of it is in interviewing characters with differing opinions and putting together a news story. The reporters see different sides of the situations - Sarah Phillips more sympathetic to the Loyalists and James Hiller, who identifies with the Patriots. Using the interview makes the events immediate and involves the player with the issues. In this way, I think it is even better than the TV version. PBS has an online site, the Chronicle of the Revolution, that gives additional information pertaining to the show and the game: My hope is that the Learning Company (and PBS) continue this series up until our current events.

Editor Review 11/02

I reviewed the game,Liberty's Kids for the Macintosh. The story line is that you are a reporter for the Pennsylvania Gazette in the time of the American Revolution. You gather quotes from locals on both sides of the conflict. Patriots, loyalists, and sometimes some very important people, including Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, and even General George Washington. You focus on important events during the Revolution including the Boston Tea Party, Lexington and Concord and Valley Forge. Eventually, you compile your quotes into an article which is edited, printed and published by you.

Although this game is a bit short, I for one enjoyed it very much. It not only teaches about language arts and skills, it is a fun way to learn about our history. On a scale of 1 to 10, this game would be a 9 and I would highly recommend it for second graders and up.

Reviewed by: Micah M. Age 12 - 07/03

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