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The Little Prince
Ages Everyone

Someone had to do it and Tivola did. Don't bother opening your copy of The Little Prince to check if the CD follows the book. I already checked - it does.

The designers kept it simple and did not try to embroider on Saint Exupery's moral parable. Kenneth Branagh narrates the story. The animations are taken from the book's drawing and while modest will help to direct the attention of younger viewers. The Prince's innocent questioning of the adult inhabitants of the asteroids exposes the emptiness of lives focused on conformity, greed and conceit. Finally he learns the lesson of the importance of love and responsibility. While it was written at a different time, it seem a worthwhile parable for today's e-commerce consumer society. Besides the story there are pictures and information about Antoine de Saint-Exupery. A nice addition but was not able to access them.

Editor Review 12/00

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