Lumines Plus - Review

Lumines Plus
Ages: Everyone

This is very strange. I had a good time with the PSP version advanced to new levels, got a couple of skins got hooked by the repetitive play and was expecting something more from the PS2 version. Not so.

This is a simple game of falling blocks. You rotate these four-square blocks of two different colors to get as many of the same color squares of four as you can. A Time Line sweeps across the field erasing all the same colored squares and adds points to your score.

The music is not worthy of being ported to the PS2, sounding sometimes like screams and moans accompanied with a tireless heavy beat. The flashing, swirley graphics are meant to substitute for boring blocks (as opposed to jewels) but they compete with the attention needed for the falling blocks. And none of them are as sexy as the box art indicates. All this didn't bother me on the PSP but there is something about putting the game onto a big screen where minor irritations get to be magnified.

There is something appropriate about holding the game in your hand the scale seems to match. The PSP version actually has additional options Sequencer allows you to customize the background music and a Database to view your history. And as for play the PSP just gives you your score at the end of the time limit. The PS2 version says, Failed. After a few tries, I gave up and went back to the PSP version.

Reviewed by: Editor - 03/07

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