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MTV Sports: Skateboarding Featuring Andy MacDonald
Ages 6 or older

If you like skateboarding, this game, featuring pro skater Andy MacDonald, will be fun, but others can enjoy it too. First you must pick a skater and his board, like Andy or Toshi. Then you can skate in a tour or freeskate (which is for practicing). There are a U.S., a European, and a World tour, which are 3 different levels. While competing in different cities, or stages, you need to achieve a goal, such as collecting objects, getting a certain amount of points, or finishing a course in a certain amount of time. You have 5 chances to achieve this goal until the game is over. If you can complete all the cities on every tour, you are the champion! The controls were a bit hard to use. You must do different tricks, and not the same one over and over again to obtain the maximum points. But since the combinations of keys to press to do one are not easy to remember, it is hard to change tricks. Also, the skaters go really quickly and that makes them harder to control. But if you are determined and you learn all the tips, you can do well and have fun!

Reviewed by Julia R. 3/01

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