Madeline 1st and 2nd Grade Math  - Box

Madeline 1st and 2nd Grade Math
Ages 5 - 8

This one is not as much fun as the Madeline adventure games (Puppet Show and European Adventures) but then, it is rated as “Edutainment”. The graphics are static and you won't be getting the inventive clickables that are in the adventure games. On the other hand - you do get some math exposure and the young girls love Madeline. The lessons use paintings from the Louvre and the Musee d'Orsay - so much for the French touch. As you click on a painting you enter a math activity related to the topic in the painting. Escher will provide stair climbing with adding and subtracting; Magritte - measuring with fruits; Degas - a matching activity with ballerinas, and my favorite - Dali's melting clocks, provides lessons in analog and digital time keeping. There are also stories about the paintings and a lesson on money math at the museum store.

It's important for girls to be comfortable with numbers and math and I don't think you can start too early. I only wish that the producers were as clever here as they were in some of the other wonderful Madeline games.

Reviewed by Genevieve 10/99

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