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Mary-Kate & Ashley's Dance Party of the Century
Ages 9-12

Oh to be a twin and have a sister like Ashley - or even Mary-Kate. Yes, this is a dance party brought to you by the Olsen twins. You know, the ones that you first saw on Full House, the ones who play detective in their book series, only now they are pretty grown up and wear sexy clothes and really know how to groove.

It's called Dance Party of the Century because they teach you how to do dances from six different decades starting with 1920 when they did the Charlston to the Millenium 2000 which is pretty funky. What I like best about this is that it's real live Mary-Kate and Ashley who show you how to do the dances. They show the steps front, back and side so it's easy to follow them. There are a couple of activities like guessing the name of the tunes, the dances or the things that fit in a certain decade.

They also show you how to have a party using a theme of one of the decades. There are suggestions for clothes, decorations, activities, party invitation and gulp - food. Can you believe Peach Jello Sandwiches? Spring it on your mom - maybe she will even help you make it.

Reviewed by Maryanne 1/00

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