Mia's Language Adventure - Box

Mia's Language Adventure
Ages: 6 - 10

I am not up to date on how to teach languages but - even with my almost forgotten high school French, I found this Mia adventure too much hard work. The lessons start with alphabet sound and identifying words and proceeds to conjugating verbs to have and to be, and ends with constructing simple sentences. All this is embedded in the story of the disappearance of Grandma. Disappearance and finding is a major theme in the Mia games. The game takes place in the colorful and imaginative miniature world of mice. The characters are pretty much the same old heroes and villains - and why not - they are charming.

However, I am not sure this game works for learning languages.. I think this format works better for math and science. This is a game after all - play for fun and get some education on the side. I do have a serious bone to pick tho. The game does not come with a manual - not even hidden away on the disk in pdf format. This is inexcusable in an educational product where parental help is almost always required for the learning to be successful.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/03

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