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Millie Meter's Nutrition Adventure - Learn Why Your Are What You Eat.
Ages 4 - 8

I've tried this game and Millie Meter's Adventure in the Oak Tree. I think that probably mostly girls would buy them but I guess I would say that both boys and girls would like them. As for the ages, my brother tried them and he is turning 4 this month, he's very bright for his age but he got the idea. I think 8-year-olds might be bored with them though. I would probably play the games in each of the stories again, but I probably wouldn't actually do the main story in either one. I did find the rocks very cute though.

The game I would really like to see would be someone trapped on a desert island and she has to do all of the various challenges and if she does them correctly, then she will get a raft or something else to help her to survive.

Editor Review

I am reminded of another nutrition game - Pajama Sam - You Are What You Eat From Your Head to Your Feet, which involves finding and freeing the representatives of the various food groups to attend the Peace Conference at the Golden Pyramid. In this Millie Meter game, the focus is on the digestive process more than food groups. The journey starts from the mouth where you find out what parts of the tongue are sensitive to sweet, sour and salty and ends at the bowels attended by Chloe, the Loo Lady who describes all about poop and how it is processed. The Europeans are obviously more comfortable with body functions that we Americans are.

As in other Tivola games, you have the choice of French, German and this time, American. You may be taken aback to find that some of the American pronunciations are decidedly English - but even that's fun. But it was surprisingly disconcerting to find that they have attached the wrong side of the American flag to the flagpole. The game play is amusing particularly considering the complex processes that are being presented. If you did a comic book of Biology 101 - this would be it. Grownups will find out things that they didn't know - like why poop is brown regardless of what color food you eat. Play it and find out.

Reviewed by Rebecca L. 6/01

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