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Nancy Drew - Danger on Deception Island
Ages: Everyone

The ninth Nancy Drew mystery takes place around the San Juan Islands - pretty near where the offices of Her Interactive are located. Many of Nancy Drew mysteries take place generally inside three or four main structures with quick travel between locations. Travel in this game is by kayak with the help of a GPS. It's a nice idea but with going back and forth, it becomes too much of a good thing. There are whales, smugglers, messages in bottles, hidden caves and off limit-lighthouses. In the process of talking to the locals and uncovering facts, you will learn a surprising number of facts about sea life, and sea-faring lore. What started out as a seaside vacation for Nancy turns out to be a real workout. Everyone is a suspect and Nancy must watch her back until the very end.

Edutainment games require a good balance of lessons and fun. Nancy Drew games are classed as "mysteries" although there is a fair amount of learning facts involved. And that's nice, because girls and their mothers don't want to be wasting their time just playing games. However, mysteries require a build up of tension. In Danger on Deception Island tension is too often broken by the intrusion of a puzzle that needs to be solved before getting on with it. Upon repeated occurrence it becomes frustrating. I don't have a solution - but like baking, it is a sensitive balance. For Halloween or anytime, you can revisit any of the eight Nancy Drew Mysteries. Check our Alphabetical List of Reviews to see all the Nancy Drew titles.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/03

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