Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister  - Review

Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister
Rating: E - Everyone

Finally, the first science related Nancy Drew. This one is filled with weather information that many of us have no inkling of - tornadoes and extreme weather conditions. Nancy is sent undercover to a tornado watch station that has experienced numerous breakdowns. A disaster, because they are vying for a $100,000,000 research contract.

As usual, Nancy takes on the role as the replacement go-fer to be able to check out what's going on. In doing so, she/we learn something about tornadoes. She interacts with the crew: Scott Varnell, the national expert in tornado research, Debbie his manager, Frosty, photographer of extreme weather conditions, Chase, team tech, Slim, mechanic and general handyman, and Pop of Ma 'n Pa's Store. But before long, overheard conversations lead Nancy to determine that there are serious plots afoot. There are different locations to visit from the main camp: Ma 'n Pop's Store, and the various sites where tornadoes may occur. Nancy has to drive to them all. This is a disaster. The controls in the game are not programmed for driving and it's a frustrating puzzle. With the GPS why not move from point to point as Nancy did in the subways in Secret of the Scarlet Hand?

The puzzles are continuous. I didn't get around to finishing my first day's chores before day two was upon me. Yes, I know, the kids are faster. Some of Nancy's jobs are simple chores, I would have prefer more jobs that taught science. If I were Nancy, I would not have put up with catching mice again and again. The games puzzles are mostly mechanical, connecting wires and pipes, and those involving logic. I like the previous type best. The County Siren Chart using overlapping circle to cover a map - was difficult and delicious.

The game comes on two disks, and as soon a you start it, you can see why. The graphics are a 100% improvement - the realistic detail, the fully detailed scenes and the smooth character animation. This time Mac uses will have the opportunity to play the game on the hybrid disks. This was Number 22 of the Nancy Drew series, The formula works and we wait for the next adventure.

Fun Factor: Interesting learning about tornadoes.
Female Factor: Nancy is an icon.
Player Friendly: Minimal manual.

Reviewed by: Editor - Jul/10

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