Nancy Drew -- The Creature of Kapu Cave - Review

Nancy Drew -- The Creature of Kapu Cave
Ages: Everyone

The Hardy Boys, Joe and Frank, have been intruding into the Nancy Drew games for a while now. First, only on the phone, then as standby clods in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon (bland title good game), and now as playable characters. I was skeptical about this character sharing but it works! The additional characters open up the space, and since we never see Nancy in person it's an obvious transformation. Now, they have to make the characters more distinctive both in voice and in personality.

The other characters in the game are well defined, Dr. Quigley a run-off-at-the-mouth entomologist always up in the trees, Dr. Craven, a renowned scientist with an anger management problem, and the Mapus, a native Hawaiian father and daughter team. The characters are presented in full body shots instead of from the waist up another nice improvement.

The story is about finding who has trashed Dr. Quigley's camp and investigating strange sightings. In the process you will learn a lot about Hawaii's mythology, fauna, history and folklore and get to collect samples, and run tests on Dr. Quigley's findings. I prefer the scientific tasks to the cooking ones, and actually had to go on-line to find out the definition of "frass". Always like game where I can learn something.

Another note - You no longer can count on games running on Windows 95, 98, or 2000. If you are using older versions of Windows, make sure to read the bottoms of the boxes before making purchases. This game had no reference on the box as to what version of Windows it would work on. Inside (not useful to purchasers) it stated Win XP and Vista. I played it on Windows 2000.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/06

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