Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights,Camera, Curses! - Review

Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights,Camera, Curses!
Ages: Everyone

Dossier is a new format for a the Nancy Drew games - more casual, shorter, downloadable - what Her Interactive refers to as, "Mystery hunt and peck game".

In this case, Nancy is called in to investigate strange happenings on the set of the Pharaoh, where a controversial remake of a 1930's movie is being produced. In the original movie, the actress died before the end of the movie which resulted in alternate endings and a box office smash.

In each scene, the player must find the hidden objects and combine them to make yet another object - one which will solve a puzzle or problem and further the game. It's easy but not too easy, and it helps to have a sparkly effect hinting at the objects. In the darker spots, Nancy's flashlight comes in handy and her magnifying glass is always available.

Her Interactive has a fondness for mechanical puzzles and so Nancy is splicing wires, repairing generators, picking locks. The graphics are painterly, not cartoon-like, and while you see animated headshots of the characters in the story, Nancy herself is still in first-person mode.

It will be hard to woo me away from the Classic PC Nancy Drew - but this was a very good attempt. Her Interactive wisely used the same Nancy voice and made a very good mystery game. I did miss the usual PC introductory music - this one sounded a little like Masterpiece Theater's Mystery series.

Fun Factor: A nice, not so little mystery
Female Factor: Nancy rocks
Player Friendly: Needs better hints for players who get stuck

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/08

  • Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights,Camera, Curses!
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  • Platform(s): WVISTA XP
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