Nascar 2000 - Box

Nascar 2000
Ages 6 and older

This game is perfect for anyone who is into racing and Nascar, but everyone can have fun with it! With the options to play against a friend, play just a single race, or a whole season, you can play for a long time. The object in all these races are to finish first. The game even features real Nascar drivers and their cars, such as Dale Earnhardt and Jeff Gordon and their cars, both Chevrolets. You can even look up profiles for the drivers to learn more about them. You drive on actual race tracks, like the California Speedway and Indianapolis which have pit stops with all the real features. Even the controls were pretty easy to use, compared to the other race games I had played on Gameboy. This game is fun and it's hard to stop playing!

Reviewed by Julia R.

  • Nascar 2000
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