Night at the Museum:  Battle of the Smithsonian - Wii - Review

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian - Wii
Ages: Everyone +10

The Natural History Museum in New York was home to me when I was a kid. I recognize the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the floors weren't as polished and slippery and it was free. The game is a light hearted romp through the Smithsonian with a start in the Natural History Museum where ex-guard Larry (Ben Siller) is saying goodbye to two of his special displays, cowboy Jedediah, and Roman warrior Octavius, who are being shipped out to the Smithsonian. Ben Stiller is clearly Ben - facial expressions, body language and voice. His Symbols of Office, flashlight and keys, once again carries him thought the game.

Starting in the Natural History Museum gives the player a chance to ride the T-rex, and to get a tutorial on how to use the Magic Tablet of Ahkmenrah. There are nine embedded ingots each with its special power; Cobra, enables use of key chain, Eye of Horus, illuminates secrets; Hammer and Chisel, restores broken objects; Gear, activates mechanical devices; Paintbrush, animates statues and paintings and teleportation; Shield, protection; Animal, befriends animals; Lightning, calls up bolts of lightning; Pharaoh, complete power. Larry only uses the first five at the Natural History but you can get some idea of the adventures ahead using these powers.

The action speeds up when Larry learns that Ahkmenrah's evil brother Kahmunrah has stolen the tablet and - of course wants to take over the world. There are some museum character touches - Al Capone, Napoleon and Ivan the Terrible on Kahmunrah's side and Teddy Roosevelt and Amelia Earhart on Larry's side. The National Air and Space museum affords more contemporary exhibits to play with - planes and lunar landers.

This is basically a kids game. The paths through the game are laid out, the mini-games are almost too simple and all that is required is reading. I love museums and thoroughly enjoyed playing it. The game, with it's excellent camera action and detailed 3D does a great job in showing the expansiveness of the museum - makes you want to wander thought it Don't be surprised if you get a request to take your kids on a museum trip.

Fun Factor: Follows the movie closely. Nice museum visits.
Female Factor: It's Larry's story. There is a cameo appearance of Amelia Earhart
Player Friendly: Kid friendly - almost to a fault.

Reviewed by: Editor - 06/09

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