The Oregon Trail - 5th Edition - Box

The Oregon Trail - 5th Edition
Ages 9 and up

This is the fifth in the Oregon Trail series. In this one, you travel along with the Montgomery kids - William, Cascade and James. Choosing trails, buying supplies, hunting, talking to people along the way, meeting Indians or just looking around. Wise choices keeps your family happy and in good shape. The trek is 2000 miles filled with many hazards and challenges - extreme weather, poisonous snakes, and diseases. Remember the Donner Party? Playing Oregon Trail seems to get kids to ask the question, “What happened to Amazon Trail and Yukon Trail”. Yes, Learning Company - what about those two favorite games? Note: This product plays on the Mac and Windows. But on one of the spines it says only Microsoft Windows - so for Mac players - check around the entire box.

Editor Review 11/01

The new Oregon Trail is a little more fun because the graphics are better and the characters tell stories. You also get to go fishing and gather fruits and vegetables. It is actually easier to win. People don't get sick as much in the new one as in the old one. It makes it a little more boring and not as exciting. I like the way it shows them crossing the river. It looks more realistic. A lot of the stuff is just the same in the new one like how it shows you going along the trail. You can learn what wild fruits and vegetables are poisonous. It tells a little about the Native Americans. It also tells about the Donner Party. You also learn about what it was like to cross the country in a wagon. I think the older one was closer to what would actually happen because bad things happen more in the old one. The new one is designed for a younger kid.

People don't get sick or hurt as much in the new one. I think it was actually more fun in the old one when people could get sick and die. It is kind of bad when you get sick because then you can lose the game. Part of the fun is keeping your party alive. The Montgomery family doesn't really make it more fun. The guide that is leading the Montgomery's is what makes it more fun. He is the one who tells all the stories and saves people. I would recommend the game, especially to younger kids like six to eight because you don't have to do anything difficult. The beginning would be hard for a younger kid because little kids wouldn't know what to buy for the trip. I think boys and girls would like it the same.

Review by Elizabeth S.

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