Oregon Trail 4th Edition - Box

Oregon Trail 4th Edition
Ages 10 and up

The point of this game is to get to Oregon in one piece. I liked it because it was much like what I know of the real Oregon Trail. Girls might like it, it depends if they like these sort of games. If you are a vegetarian, then this is not the game for you, because you have to hunt animals and fish to survive. I liked it when you had to cross the river, because if you caulked the wagon it floated and you got to steer it. If you didn't - too bad. I liked the way the game paid attention to the details. Both the human personalities and even inanimate objects were realistically described. The graphics were amazingly lifelike. The humans had facial hair, they moved, there were animals that looked like the genuine article, and the objects were so lifelike that you could basically see what it was like back then. The sound was great, down to the crunch of the gravel when you landed on the other shore when crossing the river. Each character had their own voice, and they used it well.

There were some problems. Sometimes the map didn't show were I was and my partners conversations were very repetitive. There was no one to talk to, except your partners, and they only spoke up when you had to make a decision. The game play was pretty interesting. There was so much to do - it comes on 3 CD- ROMS. It was so fun! I would go back to play it again and maybe use the telescope to look at various scenes. It is mostly a one-person game but you could play it with another girl. I definitely agree with the age range. Anyone younger would have trouble with the game.

Reviewed by Vivian B. 9/00

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