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Over The Hedge
Ages: Everyone

This is another one of the game follow-ups to a movie. Didn't see the movie but heard about it. The game would have been more fleshed out had they done some kind of back-story, instead of consisting simply of crashing through the hedge, stealing stuff and getting even with people and pets. Instead of having some modicum of morality which they could have easily done, they simply settled for a game that consisted of: avoiding hazards, timed gathering raids, and demolition derbies. That said, some of the hazards are outrageous pokes at the life styles of the suburbanites who have usurped the natural turf of the woodland animals and are quiet amusing.

The characters are cunning, cute, expressive and fun to play. AI allows you to switch between any two of them with the second character being your buddy. There are unlimited objects to destroy and plenty of junk food to take. The console versions include all the characters from the movie. The GBA limits you to RJ, Vern or Hammy. With the focus on action instead of story, this becomes a perfect game for the handhelds.

Reviewed by: Editor - 07/06

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