Petz - Review

Ages: Everyone

Just in time for the Holidays Ubisoft lets the Petz out and into the Nintendo DS. This way, you can always have your Petz with you be it Catz, Dogz, Hamsterz or Horsez. The new DS Petz is a great way to experience the fun and responsibility of owning a pet. Kids will walk, feed, train, wash, groom and interact with their Petz as they help them grow into strong health champions. Hamster fans can build fully customizable homes for their furry pets, and cat lovers will be especially anxious to pick up the first handheld cat-sim game ever. So real you might want to pick up some antihistamine.

Posted by: Editor - 12/06

  • Petz
  • © Ubisoft
  • Platform(s): GameBoyDualScreen
  • To Order: Catz         - GBDS $29.82
  • To Order: Hamsterz - GBDS $29.82
  • To Order: Horsez     - GBDS $29.82
  • To Order: Dogz       - GBDS $29.82