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Pirate Raider
Ages: Everyone

Your eventual goal is to command the legendary ship that will make you the Pirate King. Why do they think that only boys want to be pirates? To do so you will have to set sail upon the ocean to capture forts, raid ships, and battle enemy pirates, all the while staying clear of sea monsters, whirlpools, thunderstorms, and other obstacles that steer you off course. But first you will have to begin by building your own sea-traveling vessel equipped with cannons, armor, flags and crewmates.

This is a kid's game and the graphics reflect this - colorful and simple. The designers tried to make the navigation simple by keeping the speed constant leaving only the direction to the player. It is harder that one would think and gets some getting used to. My ship burned and sank too many times. The constant encouragement and repetitive phrases will tire all but the very young.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/03

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