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Pirates of the Caribbean
Ages: Teen

Unfortunately this game doesn't have Johnny Depp in it. It does have: sea battles and boarding fights, eight major islands with beaches, towns, jungles, dungeons, mines and caves. You will have to learn about classes of ships, sloops and frigates, acquire sailing skill such as setting and lowering sails, be able to maneuver your ship, become skilled at fighting, handle grappling and boarding skill and it won't hurt to learn how to repair your ship. It has been called GTA On The High Seas. Was it fun? Dunno. It required more than 2 GB of hard disk space, provided no minimum install and to top it all off, the disk space requirement wasn't mentioned on the box or in the installation guide. That's too much free disk space for some of our casual gamers. After I cleared enough space, it crashed four times before I gave up and went to see the movie. Now, that was satisfying.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/03

When I was reading the directions for this game while it was downloading, it seemed like a really cool game. It had the formula for an exiting, cool game for girls as well as boys, but when I started to play it, it was really confusing. My first 20 minutes playing the game were trying to find things in the darkest room I have ever seen, I couldn't see anything. And I didn't know where anything was. But when I finally found everything, and went to town, I couldn't find my ship, in fact, while looking for it, I got killed by these dumb pirates. And after an hour and a half, I had to start over. I didn't even want to start over, it was too frustrating. I really don't recommend buying this game, but if you like games that you have to work at for one year to solve how to get to the next island, then you can buy this game.

Reviewed by: Autumn A. Age 13 - 11/03

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