Print Artist - Print Kit Edition - Box

Print Artist - Print Kit Edition

This product comes with 7 disks, samples of stationary, and a two sided instructional card in a giant box. The user would have been better served if Sierra spent their resources creating a comprehensive manual. The help file on the CD-ROM doesn't provide much more than what is already available on-screen. Between the instructional card and the on-screen instructions you can do any of the pre-designed projects - but finding out how to use the grabber to access the remaining six disks requires a dedicated user. And all this takes lots of hard drive space. The minimum installation requires 380 Mb and the recommended install, 590 Mb. The graphics, although they claim to have over 150,000 images on CD lack in sophistication and good resolution. Many of them are clip art quality, which is OK for kids but this product carries too heavy a price tag for jam jar labels.

Editor Review 12/01

Sure there are plenty of projects to do, but Sierra product manuals are either terrible or non-existent. You have to be willing and able to spend a lot of time fussing around to figure out how to make things work. I think I'm pretty good at this -- maybe some people are more adept, but I think a lot of folks aren't! And if you call their technical support desk, they can't give you any answers about how to USE the software! In spite of all this I have created a couple of projects that have gotten wow responses.

Reviewed by Julie W.

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