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Puzz 3D The Orient Express - from the Twenties
Ages Everyone

Six words to describe this game would obviously be “very engaging and lots of fun”, after I sat and played it constantly for hours. If you are interested in puzzles and mysteries, this is the game for you!

First you must start by completing a puzzle of the Orient Express, which is where the mystery of a secret celebrity takes place. You can even have a tutorial of step-by-step directions to putting it together. Depending on how many helpful options you use, you will get a ticket for the train, which can be a Second Class Day ticket from the Easy level with the most help or a First Class Overnight ticket from the Super Challenging level with no help at all.

In easier levels, the pieces can be sorted, overlapped, with guides, or without rotation. There are things, that can even be used at the super challenging level too, though, like different views, trays for sorting, and transfer trays. As you go along and build, animations will be shown with historical

Once the train is finished, you can explore the train and try to solve the mystery. You can meet characters such as Madame Sosostris, who is a famous clairvoyant and your host on the train, or a tennis player, who is a British champion, and even a jazz singer from the South.

You will also collect Mah Jong tiles hidden around in the cars, to solve the mystery. After watching what happens on the train, you will play the Prophecy Game, with your Mah Jong tiles. If you place them correctly, using ancient riddles and the tile’s meaning to do so, you will solve part of the mystery.

The only way you can solve it all, though, is by getting a First Class Overnight ticket so you can explore the whole train and get all the tiles. But to get that ticket, you must complete the train without any help in the Super Challenging level, which seems almost impossible! The only other problem is that the train can be a bit hard to navigate and a bit confusing, but all the controls while constructing the puzzle are perfect and almost amazing. Also I found the game to be incredibly historically accurate and because of that very interesting which added so much to the game. I don’t know if you’d consider this a problem, but it is true that this game is so addicting that you’re not going to want to do anything else!

Julie R. 03/01

This is the fourth in the Puzz 3D series and it follows the same format as the earlier ones (see previous reviews). First you sort the pieces and layout 2D planes; then you go into the construction phase where you use these pieces to make the 3D model. At each completed construction you move into the exploratory mode and can enter into the model you have just constructed. Once inside, you interact with the international characters to solve the mystery.

The interiors are wonderful and there are enough clips to give you a good grounding on the train and the history of the times. As with the previous puzzles, the higher your skill level the more of the mystery is revealed to you. However, unlike the other puzzles where you had to construct the entire building, here you get the incremental satisfaction of exploring the train each time you construct one of the cars.

Editor Review 9/00

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