Rugrats Munchin Land - Box

Rugrats Munchin Land
Ages Everyone 5 10

A clever take-off on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz that the parents will probably appreciate more that the young uns. The Wicked Witch is, of course, Angelica and the Good Witch is Susie with, as she says "The better outfit". You can play as any one of the remaining Rugrats and two can play the game.

The game is an interactive board game complete with spinner and all. Tossed into Munchin Land, you have to navigate four different lands to pick up the four pieces of the ticket to get you into Marigold City to see the Wizzer of Odd who sends you out to get the broomstick of the Wicked Witch so you can get home. Phew!

In each of the four lands. landing on tornados will take you to additional mini games. All are basically the same with different objects. And the four different lands all resemble one another - just like a board game. We have come full circle.

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