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Rampage -- Total Destruction
Ages: Everyone

It was a relief getting into Rampage -- Total Destruction after hours of playing with cutesy animals. I could see that you could feel this way after a bad day at school or the office. This one is an old favorite arcade game with George the gorilla, Lizzy the dinosaur and Ralph the wolf. Now as you destroy and unlock monsters you can have the choice of 25 more of them. So many monsters, so little time. Some of the more memorable ones are: Ramsey the Ram, Cal the Squid, Crock the Crocodile and Jill the Jellyfish. All have different destructo-abilities based upon their physique and different ones come into play in different cities.

From the intro it already feels like a fun game -- George destroys the Midway logo and throws a brick into your screen. That kind of irreverence plays throughout the game. The back story is quick and amusing. Scum Labs has caused a mutation of humans, transforming them into giant destructive monsters.\ When you lose a game you revert to a puny human.

You start destructing in Las Vegas, go on to San Francisco and as cities are unlocked, London, LA, Chicago, Hong Kong and New York. They have cleverly rendered each city with its own signature buildings and added the sounds and sights that further enhance the feel of the city. Each scene covers 4 to 5 blocks on either side of your entrance.

You are encouraged to toss taxicabs, eat the occasional people, swat helicopters, knock down neon signs and light posts -- which provide satisfying sparks and sizzle. Two player mode provides twice the fun and help when the forces of law and order get harder to beat as the game progresses.

Rampage -- Total Destruction includes the original Rampage and Rampage World Tour. After playing the earlier versions, I am glad that they brought it out in 3D -- better monsters and better buildings.

Would you believe it, Rampage is in wikipedia!

Reviewed by: Editor - 07/06

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