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Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc
Ages: Everyone

Rayman is the character that looks as though someone had gone over him with an eraser. Lacking arm bones, neck bones and leg bones he still manages to jump, run and launch his powerful fists. Super power enhancers to his fists are found in a variety of colored cans scattered along the way. The action is not just about saving his world from the Hoodmongers, but the about the skill needed in getting the most points. All actions score points - getting rid of enemies, collecting jewels; picking up whistling chameleons and butterflies; and freeing the Teensies from being used as target practice. Raymanís traveling companions are Globox - who causes the problem with the Dark Lum Lord by swallowing him; and Murfy - fast in flight and quick with the wise cracks. The graphics are pretty nice - colorful and varied. Saving is automatic - nice.

It is reported that there is are special bonus GBA games for those who have the special cable to connect up their GBA and Cube. If any of you have done it - let me know. But what really puzzles me is what is a rebate certificate for Langers juice doing in the manual?

Reviewed by: Editor - 06/03

The point of this game is to rescue all of the Teensies from all of the Hoodlums. You go through a series of courses gathering health, points and jewels. At the start, Rayman even looses his hands. Normally he only has a head, torso, hands and feet -no arms and legs so his hands are pretty important! Rayman has to defeat Hoodlums in order to rescue the Teensies who are locked up in cages. I enjoy playing Rayman over and over. My favorite part to play is called the Lums Race. Rayman flies around on a bug named Murfy trying to collect as many red Lums as he can before the Hoodlums come and shoot at you. Hoodlums are the enemy you are trying to defeat in this game before they take over the land of the Teensies and beyond! It is a fast paced ride and you have to maneuver quickly so it stays exciting. Although this game doesn't change each time you play, you can go all over the place and earn more points each time through. It's really helpful if you read the instruction booklet to find helpful hints on how to earn bonus points. This is the first time I've played a Rayman game. I thought the graphics and movement of the characters were just right for a Game Cube game. It's very colorful and bright. There is music but it's in the background, which I like. There are a lot of cool sound effects that the creatures make. If you follow the sound of a Matuvu, and take its picture you can earn extra bonus points. This game can be used with a Game Boy Advance, but I haven't purchased one to be able to try it. Rayman is rated E for Everyone. It says for violence and comic mischief, which I think, comes from the punching and kicking of Hoodlums. I don't think it's that bad. I think that six and up is too young, maybe at least nine and up. Murfy, the bug can make sarcastic comments and you wouldn't want the little kids to be offended and parents may not want them repeating his attitude. If I were to make the game I'd omit Murphy's comments. He doesn't really give you much help and is annoying! I'd also like it to have two player options without having the other system.

Reviewed by: Josie S. Age 11 - 10/03

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