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Rescue Heroes - Billy Blazes
Ages: Everyone - Kids

First off - Women are firefighters too. When will they ever learn. If you took the moustache off Billy - it could be a Betty Blazes. That said, it's a better than average side scroller - in fact it's pretty good. You still have to jump and climb and hose out fires but there are lots of cool gadgets to help. Besides the fire hose there is an automatic ladder , a grappling hook for wide jumps, a double axe and a sliding hook to go from building to building. There are plenty of hazards too - blue fire and pillars of flame to keep you on your toes. Rescuing people and animals takes place through many missions - an animal sanctuary and farmhouse, campers in a canyon, a construction site and buildings, city hall and the finally on the statue of Lady Justice. Besides all that, there are lots of cool vehicles to get you to were you need to go. A well thought through design keeps the frustration down so you can focus on the fun

Reviewed by: Editor - 09/03

Billy Blazes, the fireman you control through a variety of settings, must rescue men, women, children, and animals who are trapped either in rafters, atop trees or the like. You maneuver Billy around by using the arrow keypad on the GBA. The controls are fairly simple for any age (5+) except when you need to switch fire equipment. Billy uses the variety of firefighting equipment as defenses against the fire. He carries with him a hose, an axe, a ladder and a few others which help him get through any situation or overcome any barrier that may be in the way. Sometimes switching from one tool or gadget to the next can be tricky. Although itís only a simple push of a button, itís the act of changing the tools before the fire reaches you that can be a challenge. This game is excellent for younger children as the life span of Billy Blazes seems to be well extended as compared to other games which are similar, the controls for the most part are simple to use, the premise and mission of Billy Blazes is an honorable one and even when Billy does get injured or falls he still ends up in good condition (i.e. when he falls from atop a mountain his parachute pack opens). Not only is this game ideal for younger children but also fun for older children and adults as well.

Reviewed by: Stephani H. - 09/03

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