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Rugrats Royal Ransom
Ages: Everyone

I've never played a Rugrat game before. I do not watch the cartoon but I did see the movie Rugrats in Paris a long time ago. So what I'm trying to say is that I don't know a whole lot about these cartoon characters. The point of the game is to try and get the Play Palace 3000 back from the evil Angelica. You can pick from several characters and you play as one of the Rugrats. You have to collect big batteries in order to go to the next level. Among other things you can collect is "Reptar Funny Money". This will allow you to purchase the mini side games. After I started to play, even though I'm not a big Rugrats fan, I found that I did like the game.

I enjoy Carrot Catchin'. This is one of the side games you purchase. I like it because you try to catch all the carrots as you are sliding down a snow covered hill. It's fast and you have to watch out for obstacles like logs and snow piles---if you hit them, you can get stuck. The actual game play I thought was going to be boring, but I found that as I got into it, it was fun. Throughout the game play you hear Susie's voice telling you where to go and what to get and where the next check-point is. It's a good idea to have her talking because if you've never played before it's always kind of awkward to have to look back in the instruction book to figure out what you are supposed to be doing. Each time you go to an area, the game play doesn't change, but I found that I did want to play again.

The graphics look just as they should for the game Cube. The Rugrats look and sound right from what I remember of the movie and Angelica's voice pops up every once an awhile. Not to often to make you want to turn her off! There isn't a lot of music, which is good. From what I can figure the only time you can play with a friend is during the multi- player side games. For anyone who likes the Rugrats and anyone who can handle a Game Cube controller it would be a fun game. There is a "radar screen" that tells you where the Magic Helper Ball and check point trees are. That is great for younger kids who might have trouble finding things or reading the instructions. So a rating of E for Everyone fits.

I didn't have any problems playing this or figuring it out but I always try to read the instruction book first to see what I have to do. The only thing annoying is Angelica and she's supposed to be! If I made this game I would have make a 2- player option for the whole thing!

Reviewed by: Josie S, Age 11 - 08/03

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