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Nickelodeon Adventure Pack (Rugrats)
Rating: Everyone

Cute Cute and Clever. It's amazing what good graphics and clever characters can do for simple arcade games. Three CDs contain three different game environments with lots of arcade-styled games. Rugrats in Paris, a reissue of a previous game is the one that could be frustrating for the young ones. Moving onto different levels requires that you first complete previous ones. In the case of the underground scenes, while the light sticks are a clever idea the navigation is frustrating but then there are two other games in this package.

The Thornberrys Rambler brings Nickelodeon's zany family into arcade-like activities throwing boomerangs, squirting monkeys, collecting bugs, swinging through vines and hopping ice floes. Characters play out their games in different locations around the world. It plays like all arcade games, but dressing them up with countries and characters makes them more interesting.

Mystery Adventure has Tommy in the role of Sam Spade. The cut scenes are great, the games simple and satisfying. Some of the wonderful bits eating worms, Home Heaven (Home Depot), great lines like when Tommy questions a crying child with, "Did you lose your Mommy" and the girl answers, "No, something worse. I lost my teddy bear" makes it fun even for parents. And the voice of Tommy is my favorite voice actor, E.G. Daily the one who was Pajama Sam.

Editor Review 4/02

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