Rugrats in Paris - Box

Rugrats in Paris
Ages Everyone

This is an especially cute game and great for Rugrats lovers of many ages. It is set in Euroreptarland and includes all your favorite Rugrats characters. You must complete levels and navigate through the theme park. First, you must earn tickets, by playing Sideshow Games (which are like carnival games) to be able to go on rides, such as a Ghost Train or Ooey Gooey World. Once you complete a Park Section (a few rides), you can pass through a gate and get to another level. I thought that that some of the games are a bit harder than you'd expect them to be, proving to be a bit discouraging. But otherwise, I think this game is a lot of fun especially if you love the Rugrats.

Reviewed by Julia R. 12/00

  • Rugrats in Paris
  • © THQ 2000 $29.99
  • Game Boy Color
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