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Rugrats Go Wild
Ages: Everyone - Kids

Ah yes children, another Rugrats adventure and there will be a movie too. I have seen a lot of Rugrats and I must admit that I am waiting for them to grow up to be - at least sofa sloths. I can’t speak for the movie – but for the game it’s pretty much the same formula.

The RR – are stranded in – not Paris this time, a deserted island. They have to navigate numerous obstacles to be able to collect the whole family. There is a gratuitous appearance Eliza Thornberry – given a choice she probably wouldn’t want to be baby sitter for this crowd.

Purple Gooshy-Balls comprise you main defenses so pick up as many as you can. There is jumping jungle where you have to defend yourself from fruit tossing monkeys. Use the Gooshy-Balls Tommy. A maze game with Bossy Angelica and Debbie. There are a couple of races – one with a commvvee and one with a baby stroller, plus some time in a cave avoiding bats and pits and finally a pattern matching “bathysphere” before you can finally catch up with the parents.

You have a choice of keyboard or mouse control. All the keys on the last row of the keyboard will make the characters run which is great for the kids. In spite of this – the controls should have been more responsive since many of the games require navigational accuracy. There is no need for a game of this sort to be linear. Players should be able to jump around to play any of the puzzles. That’s exactly what happens in Rugrats – I Gotta Go Party - 24 mini-games if you pick Quick Play. In Rugrats Go Wild, each level must be completed before the next one can be played. Ups the frustration level. Come on guys – this is a kid’s game.

Reviewed by: Editor - 06/03

The Rugrats are on yet another adventure except this time Tommy and the gang are temporarily marooned on the island “uninhabited.” Tommy goes in search of Nigel “Strawberry” (Thornberry), the resourceful, knowledgeable explorer whom Tommy admires. Tommy must travel around the island and battle all sorts of island inhabitants; wild boars, angry “grillers,” and hungry “crocka-gators” just to name a few. After Tommy travels around the island for a bit, Eliza Thornberry takes her chance combating sharks and eels as well as other wild animals from the island. Although this game appears to be geared towards younger children the maze through the island is quite difficult to route and the controls used to attack some of the creatures can be quite tricky. The adventure is fun and challenging yet can be frustrating at times due to the complexities of controlling certain maneuvers. Once a certain maze or challenge level is conquered there is a great sense of accomplishment. Don’t forget to write down your given password or you go back to beginning.

Reviewed by: Stephani H. - 07/03

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