Sam and Max: Season One   - Review

Sam and Max: Season One
Ages: Teen

You don't have to do all the dialogue, but you probably will want to hear all of the lines because they are filled with clever, irreverent puns. The main characters are Sam the freelance flatfoot and Max his assistant, a white rabbit with a saw tooth mouth the one with the more aggressive tendencies. The important supporting actors are Sybil, who is constantly changing professions, and Bosco of "Bosco's Inconvenient Store" who is constantly warning of conspiracies and is the source of any conceivable invention that Sam might need. The trio of Soda Poppers appear sporadically and to the familiar mix. The villains are larger than life and plots are culled from the daily news and ramped into comic proportion while still retaining the bite of reality toy mafia, robot president, alternate reality. The graphics are colorful and the characters expressively cartooned, but the voices, in sharp contrast, are realistic which gives an extra punch to the game. Each episode is complete in itself, there are six and you can pick and choose which ones you wish to play:

The Abe Lincoln Must Die is worthy of Jon Stewart. A robot president that vaguely resembles Nixon but spouts Bushisms, jokes that nail the CIA, the missile defense system and the President's Discretionary Budget and Sam and Max's humorous repartee will make the single player laugh out loud and bring the curious to look over the player's shoulder. But all is not over, you still have two more episodes to enjoy. Buy one for your friend.

Fun Factor: Fun Intelligently humorous the best kind.
Female Factor: Sybil is a great addition to the story.
Player Friendly: Challenges your powers of observation not the speed of your thumbs.

Reviewed by: Editor - 08/07

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