StarFlyers - Alien Space Chase - Box

StarFlyers - Alien Space Chase
Ages: Everyone 5-8

This is the second in the adventures of Katie Cadet leader of the Star Flyers and that is good news, because it look like we have a series. Hard to decide which one is more fun. Her mission this time is to rescue the Alien Ambasadors hijacked by the evil Vexer. Again, the puzzles are creative with no time pressure to solve them. The Handevators in Funopolis will mesmerize the whole family. These are hand platforms on slinky-like arms that move and intertwine in a sequence that you have to figure out to be able to get from one perch to another landing. All this so that you can ride the longest twistiest slide in the universe to free-up one of the alien ambassadors that you are sent out to find.

There are similarities between the two Star Flyers games. Bowlarama and Cafeterium are arcade type activities and there is the navigation between planets while collecting galaxy seeds, and both have a maze type of strategy game. The similarities instead of making the games unchallenging, actually provide comfortable anticipation of a new adventure with familiar rules. Again, if this is your first Star Flyers game, read the manual that is on the disk. If you are a parent, you might want to acquaint yourself with the self leveling function that is in all of The Learning Company's games.

Editors Review 11/02

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