Scooby-Doo:  First Frights  - Review

Scooby-Doo: First Frights
Ages: Everyone 10+

This is a brand new Scooby-Doo, and while the kids are younger, the game feels more grown-up. It's a prequel, and it tells how the group was formed and their first involvement with mysteries. They have pulled out all the stops - a spooky castle with more than enough curses to go around, a haunted school, even a phantom cruise ship. There are 22 levels and each must be finished before the next one is unlocked. Saves are done automatically but if you quit during a level, your progress will be lost - but not your goodies.

As you go through the game you can pick up disguises that come along with their own special abilities - a clever way to expand the game. I didn't play it with another person but C on the nunchuk rotates and switches characters. Joining the game is done with a simple press of the plus button.

These new characters are more appealing then the ones we have seen over the years. Shaggy isn't as obnoxiously shaggy - even the voices seem toned down. The monsters have been made more scary and therefore more interesting. There's less platforming but more fighting than I remember in other Scooby games. Fighting is relatively simple and done with the two under buttons - B on the remote for primary attacks and Z on the nunchuk for secondary attacks.

I like these First Fright kids and would be happy if the new character graphics continued on to the next games.

Fun Factor: Easy play and fun escapades.
Female Factor: You still can count on the girls for brains and skill.
Player Friendly: Keeping gameplay to a few buttons was a good idea.

Reviewed by: Editor - 08/09

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