Secret Agent Barbie - Box

Secret Agent Barbie
Ages 6 and up.

This one features an action adventure Barbie. She must travel from New York, Egypt, Tokyo and Rio to gather clues to find the thief. There are puzzles to solve at each location for additional clues.

By going through the VR Training, you get a preview of the skills that Barbie will use to complete the mission. Do it ‘cause it's fun to make Barbie move. There are three activity modes and each one clothes Barbie in its unique get-up: Adventure lets her blend into the environment so she can talk to people and gather clues; Stealth allows her to sneak and tumble roll to avoid guards and lasers; Action gives her speed and jumping ability. In addition Barbie is outfitted - Bond style, with hi-tech gadgets. The images fall below the standard set for Barbie - but the realistic action makes up for it.

Because the age level starts at 6, the different mode changes are done automatically - and her outfit clues you into what action is called for. The various actions keep the players interest. Hopefully this is a trend to more challenging Barbie games.

Editor Review 11/01

Compatibility Problem - An alert from user LD
We discovered that Secret Agent Barbie software won't work right if you also have the Barbie Magic Genie Bottle software, when the Magic Genie Bottle is connected to the computer's serial port. In particular, the cursor keys which are supposed to move Secret Agent Barbie do not function unless the Magic Genie Bottle is disconnected (not just turned off) from the serial port. Of course, this means that you have to turn off the computer, disconnect the Bottle, and restart to play Secret Agent Barbie. To play Barbie Magic Genie Bottle, you have to do the reverse.

Note to Parents
What we thought of as simple kid games are now beginning to require the latest equipment. Girls usually got the older computer hand-me-downs. That will change. So check out the requirements on the outside of the box before you buy. Secret Agent Barbie requires a 3D video card, so, at this time, we do not have a “girl review”. See: Tips, Answers & Hints

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