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Shark Tale
Ages: Everyone

The game on the consoles packs in as much as possible from the movie. Each incredible character is beautifully rendered. The motion is smooth -- of course it is all swimming. Next best thing to seeing the movie. There are five types of gameplay. Escaping predators and learning how to dodge is a main action. Of course Leno, the great white is at the top on this list. Racing involves hanging on to a faster fish or even getting a taxi and is done via 3D slide scroller action. When fighting, it is important to know from which direction to launch the attack -- that is if you wish to avoid starting the level over again. Interspersed with all this, Oscar has numerous assignments to accomplish involving catching "taggers", creating new dance moves, navigating sewers, sneaking through the whale wash, and steering his way through a sunken liner. The idea of moving around a sunken contemporary metropolis populated by a variety of denizens of the deep is clever and inventive. It adds a lot to the game.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/04

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