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Sim City 3000 Unlimited
Ages: Everybody

This game is a prefect training program for mayors on how to manage finance; pseudo city planners, aspiring architects, wannabe politicians, and citizen environmentalist. Sim City has been around for over ten years and has developed to a substantial simulation program. There are dedicated players who follow each version with the ease of professional planners. For others, I seriously recommend reading the manual. This is an activity that gives rewards depending upon the effort expended. There are many opportunities to explore "what if".

You can start with a pre-established city and use the wide choices of buildings to modify the scene. You can restore the World Trade Center (creepy) or deposit Alcatraz on Staten Island. If you are willing to get involved with programming scripts, you can create your own custom city with your own scenario. The latter choice can provide a compelling experience when the city constructed mirrors your own with its own real problems. Crime, blackouts, earthquakes, fires, traffic congestion, toxic emissions and terrorist attacks are just a few of the problems for California. You could work on the effects of global warming on costal cities. Almost any involvement in a city gives you an understand of crime and taxes.

The program recommends a 233 MHz processor, 64 KB of RAM, 450 MB free disk space plus additional for swap files. Take these requirements seriously and of course, more is always better.

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