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Sims Hot Date
Ages: Teen

I figured that playing this game would be easier than going out and finding a hot date. No way. Like real life, you have to work at it, develop a relationship before anything jells. Having similar interests helps. Showing interest in the other person also helps to move things along. The people at Maxis had a real handle on social interaction and they did it in Simlish Amazing.

The game is an expansion pack, and therefore requires that you have the original Sims. Personalities that you have developed in the previous game will carry over to this one. Being able to have a downtown with a nightlife, go to a good restaurant, bar hop adds both excitement and reality to the world of Sims. Depending upon your proclivity and the spare time you have, you can construct you own entertainment emporium but for starters there are restaurants, parks, a beach, bars and a taxi to take you to and fro.

Editor Review 8/02

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