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Sims Makin' Magic
Ages: Teen

The Sims expansion pack Makin' Magic will be the final edition to the Sims original series and requires The Sims, The Sims Deluxe Edition, or The Sims Double Deluxe to play. And play you will. Use spell recipes from the family's Spellbook or make your own. Meddle with relationships, bring objects to life, or indulge yourself. Besides the power of magic, you will get over 175 new items. Of course, there has to be at least one fly in the ointment. Every spell has a unique Backfire. Should make for some interesting situations.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/03

Strategy Guide - Sims Making Magic and the Original Sims

Besides stepping you though Magic Town,this guide is also a book of lists. There are lists for the contents in the family spell book; lists for the magic ingredients and locations where to find them; lists when to use spells for maximum results and lists of the backfire results to your spell casting. Some may just want to use just the spell lists and take their chances in Magic Town. The guide also covers - a true bonus - the original Sims and complete list of "New Objects" to purchase in Sims Makin' Magic

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/03

Well, the Sims has done it again. Yet another amazing expansion pack. I must say, I was subtly disappointed to hear that Maxis is finishing The Sims and heading on to Sims number 2. Makin' Magic is what I think the most entertaining of the bunch. There was new, more halloweeny music, new outfits, and a whole new place to go, Magic Town. I think that the people reading this must have played the Sims and probably bought one expansion pack, if not all. So you probably know the basics, but, what the heck, a quick overview is not going to kill ya. The Sims is a, well, simulation of little people who you get to utterly control. But wait, it gets better. There are various expansion packs you can install, each great! Lets run down them, no?

Sims Living Large - Definite buy. Lots of new stuff you need.

Sims House party - Very fun. Lots of cool but not needed stuff.

Sims Hot Date - Definite buy. Great stuff, and you get downtown.

Sims Vacation - Nah, you dont really need it but its awesome. You get a vacation area.

Sims Unleashed - My favorite! Lots of adorable pets plus you get a lot more space.

Sims Super Star - Like Vacation. You get Studio Town.

Sims Makin' Magic - As I was saying

This time you introduce your Sims to the world of magic! When a mystery man deposits a box at your Sims door, you know something is up. Open the box, and Hey Presto! A magic starter kit, including a spell maker, a couple of ingredients, a wand, and a portal to Magic Town. Hop in!

In Magic Town, there are several places like a mall, a carnival, a dueling station, a performers place. There are traveling shops, where you can buy, trade, and do little sub quests, including the dispersing of an evil cloud, a toadstool race, and a cheer up quest.

In your own home, you can make plenty of fun and interesting spells. Toadify someone you don't like. Shed your skin for the night and become a ghost. And of course, you can always cast "The Big Question" and have your Sim instantly marry someone else.

This is one of the most entertaining expansion packs yet! I give it two thumbs up.


I would buy the guide if I were you. The spells failing effects are nasty!

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/03

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