Sims Rush Hour Expansion Pack  - Box

Sims Rush Hour Expansion Pack
Ages: E - Some Violence

By the time you finish this - you deserve a certificate in city planning. In today's city, transportation is what it's all about. Sims Rush Hour is a real expansion pack in that there's more to do and every thing works better. It is almost too much - so many choices and endless possibilities.

Your options would make a city planners mouth water: elevated roads, ferries, waterways, monorails and loads of road-building tools. You can play God mode - move earth and cause tornadoes or you can spend your time driving, boating and flying around your town.

The manual is almost 100 pages long. The game is good enough attract 'real' city planners. God mode allows you to be pretty destructive - robot attack, tornados, earthquakes. This game is a must have for Sims addicts.

PS. It requires Sim City 4 to play - It will not play on other Sim versions. It will also require 1.6 GB free hard disk space plus a bit more for saved games.

Note: There is an expansion pack available Sim City Deluxe Edition which includes SimCity4 and Rush Hour

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/03

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