The Sims 2 -- University (Expansion Pack) - Box

The Sims 2 -- University (Expansion Pack)
Ages: Teen

Did you notice something missing in your Sims 2 lives? How could anyone go from cradle to grave without spending sometime in college? Now withSims University, your Sims can enjoy that intermediate time between teen and adult. While you need Sims 2 installed on your computer to play University -- if you wish you can start with a whole passel of new Sims.

Sims University touches on a number of experiences that are not so often articulated openly, such as the power of acquiring influence early on in determining your future, and the visible mark that attending college leaves on you. Those planning to go to college will find playing the game an interesting preview of the balancing act required at college. Those who already heave had a taste of college will be more amused at the curriculum and the parties they missed.

The game is more than amusing. With Maxis' attention to detail, the game touches many of the experiences related to higher education -- getting accepted, ways to improve your grades, the importance of making friends and even cheating and secret societies. It would make a great stand alone game for any teen out there who hasn't already played Sims 2. Maybe even encourage some to go to college.

Reviewed by: Editor - 06/05

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