Snow White and the Seven Hansels - Box

Snow White and the Seven Hansels
Ages 4 - 102

When you were a kid didn't you ever want to put a malevolent twist to the endings of those fairy tales? Well, with this game kids can actually do that. There are three stories to mismatch - Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood. At a number of plot points you are offered a choice to change the story. The plot complications are deliciously weird - Snow White ends up doing the hunters laundry, Hansel and Gretel end up laboring in the Dwarves' mine. It s a wonderful concept and young kids will love it. Older kids will wear through all the plot turns too soon. The idea begs for more stories to mix and match.

Editor Review 12/00

  • Snow White and the Seven Hansels
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