Sonny With a Chance: Vol. 1 Sonny's Big Break  - Review

Sonny With a Chance: Vol. 1 Sonny's Big Break
Ages: Tweens

There are many ways fans extend their experience with their favs. There are games from movies and DVDs from cable shows. This release is a double header - the Zack and Cody team and Sonny Munroe (Princess Protection Program).

Sonny Munroe (Demi Lovato), a fresh new face from Wisconsin, is given a chance to join a popular teen show, So Random. As expected, there are immediate problems with the reigning self-important diva, Tawni Heart (Tiffany Thorton), who feels threatened. Sonny's good humor and clever ideas quickly infect the show so that she eventually wins over all the cast-mates, Nico (Brandon Smith), Grady (Doug Brochy) and Zora (Allisny Ashley Arm). This route to acceptance runs into a road block when Sonny is wooed by the heart throb, Sterling Knight (Chad Dylan Cooper) of a rival teen show Mackenzie Falls. Of course the plot falls apart when she learns that it was done in an effort to drive a wedge in the So Randomcast.

Demi Lovato already has a CD out and the bit "Check it Out" makes good use of her musical talent. The rivalry between the "humor" show So Random and the "drama" show, Mackenzie Falls is clever. Mackenzie Falls is not a real show on cable but is the foil in the Sonny show, but the satire is so good that it deserves a show of it's own.

The bonus features include Demi's Big Break, showing Demi's audition. Interesting to seem how much of her face, teeth and hair have been enhanced. The Mackenzie Falls Season Final is a blast. - the cast has a good ear for satire.

Fun Factor: Perfect for the tween fans
Female Factor: The arrogant star and fresh-faced neuwbi go head to head.

Reviewed by: Editor - 08/09

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