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Soul Calibur II
Ages: Teen - Violence, Suggestive Themes

For quick fights - bash, bash, bash, and mash the buttons as fast and as hard as your can and you probably will win the fight. Which is pretty sad since there complex moves for attack and defense that can be selected for a superior-level fight. But these sophisticated players usually lose against the button mashers.

There are 15 different warriors - spirits, women, ghosts, 200 weapons, and many challenging game modes including one on one, arcade, two-player and Weapon Master. Each warrior has his/her own strengths, weapons and fighting style. I found it amusing to pit Raphael, a suave fencing opponent against a hack and slash opponent. The fencer won.

Weapon Master mode combines quests with fighting. You travel the world and at each stage you encounter a mission, a battle and the opportunity to win gold to buy new weapons.

Interesting and detailed sets for each confrontation - exquisite costumes, magnificent weaponry - plenty of eye candy.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/03

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