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SpongeBob Squarepants – Employee of the Month
Ages: Everyone

Being named the "Employee of the Month" and being awarded the prize of two tickets to Neptune Land, the greatest underwater amusement park, is just the beginning of the adventure that takes SpongeBob and his friend Patrick on an expedition that proves "getting there is half the fun". In fact, getting there is all of the fun. From a malfunctioning bus to a rocket ship that constantly sets down in strange places for refueling, to fixing up the weather for Marlin the Weather Wizard plus scheming his way past a receptionist to get into a TV station – our friend remains undaunted – with your help. There are fewer puzzles but more wandering about than the last SpongeBob adventure. Frenchman gives hints and the dialog is clever enough to keep any adults nearby amused.

Editor Review 10/02

In SpongeBob SquarePants Employee of the Month, you must help SpongeBob get to Neptune's Paradise, a fun park. Mr. Krabs gave SpongeBob the tickets to Neptune's Paradise for being Employee of the Year.

To get to Neptune's Paradise, SpongeBob has to run to different places (like Grandma SquarePants' house and Downtown Bikini Bottom) and pick up different items (like Urchin Chip Pie and cooking oil). It doesn't matter what order he goes in, but he can only go to the colored places on the map. (Hint: You should talk to almost all of the characters you can because some of the characters will give you clues about getting to different places on the map.)

The game begins when SpongeBob has to go to the Krusty Krab. To get to the next colored place on the map, SpongeBob has to make a Krabby Patty for a hungry customer, so the customer can tell SpongeBob about one colored place on the map. I liked going to the different places and picking up different things. For example, I got to go to the beach and dig up the Flying Dutchman's treasure.

I really like this game and will play this game again and again and again until I'm 500. I think that this game is funny! (I think Patrick is really funny.) I think this game is interesting. One part of this game that is really interesting is going to Marlin's Cave. In Marlin's Cave, there's a machine with a handle. If you pull the handle and get three arrows, then you can go into Marlin's Cave. The arrows point in the directions you should go, and this is good because if you go in the wrong direction, you'll end up where you started. Another thing I like about this game is it doesn't have any timers. You can take as much time as you want.

The only thing that is not great is maybe the music. The music was a kind of annoying, especially when I was in a bad mood.

You can't play all of this game with a friend, but there is one place where you can take turns. In the diner, there's a dart board where you and two friends can take turns scoring as many points as you can. (I only got to 150.)

There's nothing I would change about this game—well, maybe one thing. If I made this game, I would have made the waiter at the fancy restaurant a little nicer. The waiter kicked SpongeBob out of the restaurant just because SpongeBob was from Bikini Bottom.

This game is rated for Everyone. I think that's right because I think the game was pretty fun and kind of easy (once you've played it once or twice), so who wouldn't like it? Parents will enjoy watching the funny movies and things you get to do. Little kids (like my little brothers) like it too. Kids will like the first movie, where SpongeBob gets the tickets to Neptune's Paradise. There's a part in the first movie where a sign falls on SquidWord and his eyes turn really big. It's very funny. Little kids will like that. Big kids will like it too, but little kids will think it's hilarious.

Review by Callie K.

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