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Spy Fox “Operation Ozone”
Ages 7+

Once again, Humongous' mini version of 'James Bond' - or is it 'Get Smart', returns to save the day. This time the earth's ozone layer is being destroyed by a giant aerosol hairspray launched by the malevolent Poodles Galore so she can corner the sunscreen market.

The characters have wonderfully clever names to amuse the adults who are called upon to help - Miss Monkey Penny, Pia Zadonut and Stanley Ellington Seagull to name a few. There is a whole array of spy gadgets stored in mission control and you have to select the best one for the job

The clues are all there but the games require that the players pay close attention to what is being said. The game actually demands more concentration and analysis than some shooters. If you do miss some clues you can go to the Users Guide and Help File, accessed from the intro screen, to get hints and even complete solutions. The game plays from the single disk - so kids can handle it themselves. You can't go wrong with a Humongous title.

Editor Review 6/01

The point of this game is help Spy Fox catch the criminal. You need to talk to people and get clues from them. Spy Fox has a watch that he can talk to Monkey Penny and she will give him clues also along with other gadgets.

I kind of liked the games but I think that there was too much talking with Spy Fox and I could not figure out how to skip his comments. I think that after a few times kids my age will not like these conversations. For instance, in the beginning, when Spy Fox falls into the bathroom it takes a while to start playing because he starts to talk and I had to wait to start the game. What I did like, was when I got bored, I could go to Spy Fox's watch and click on "fun" and it took me to a game that I thought was fun.

There were some problems because I did not know what I was to do at times. I think that it was confusing. The characters' mouths did not follow the words well when they were talking. I would have liked a help button in each area and to be able to by pass some of the conversations with Spy Fox.

I really found the game slow and was not able to get into it very far. The colors and the voices were very clear. Because the game was so slow, it got boring. If I finish the game I might do it again, but I do not think so. It is a one-person game. I think the age is fine. I agree with the age because I think that 7+ could understand the game.

Reviewed by: Samantha F. Age 11

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