Star Wars Math: Jabba's Game Galaxy - Box

Star Wars Math: Jabba's Game Galaxy
Ages 6-9

The point of the game is to fix your ship so you can get off the planet. I liked it very much. I think that girls that are into math and the little characters from Star Wars would like this game. I liked Ratts Race best, because of the little hologram characters and the questions and especially what you get when you win the Naboo Peace Globe. The Dueling Dice game had hard instructions, except it all worked out in the end. I think that it was sort of annoying that the characters gloated when they got a problem right, or did the highest digit, and so on.

The game play was very interesting. I would play it as many times as I could if Mom would let me on the computer more often. I absolutely love the graphics; they are so cool! The creatures did everything from scratching their head to occasionally tapping their foot. The sound was very clear, and the voices, had the most lifelike accents. The music was great, except for in Dueling Dice; the music was so loud that it was hard to hear the instructions that Sebulba gave. This game is a one person game. I do think that this game would be confusing to people that are 14 and older, because they might not see the point of the game. People that have not seen Star Wars: Episode 1 will be stumped. It is a pretty good game.

Reviewed by Brigit B. 9/00

Star Wars Math: Jabba's Game Galaxy

As the title implies, the math puzzles are centered around games of chance - a strategy checker game; a dice game requiring estimating, a matching number activity that focuses on place value, and shape and size evaluation using greater than, less than and equal to. The games are well integrated into a gaming scenario. The settings are rich in detail and the "dealer" always is willing to show you how to play the game. The product focuses on math readiness with a small amount of addition thrown in for good measure. The difficulty levels do not increase much so there will be little to challenge the upper range kids.

Editor review 9/00

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